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Creating a luxurious home from home

I have done my own fair share of business travel, staying in hotels and it’s just not the same as being at home. I started VIP Church Street to help tired business travellers find somewhere to stay that is well-equipped but also homely and comfortable and thankfully this has proven very successful. 

Of course, the apartments have also become a favourite for leisure guests, for those revisiting the area, mostly those who have either grown up in County Armagh or visiting their children who have flown the nest to settle here. 

No matter your reason for needing a stay in the area, I can assure you will have a great stay at VIP Church Street Apartments or one of our houses. Please check out the website and feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions. 


Managing Director, VIP Ltd.
County Armagh
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Additional information

County Armagh (named after its county town, Armagh) is one of the traditional counties of Ireland and one of six counties that form Northern Ireland. County Armagh is known as the Orchard County because of its many apple orchards. The county is part of the historic province of Ulster.

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County Armagh is made up of several towns and villages, all with unique offerings.

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